The late application period will open on Friday, January 12, 2024 through October 31, 2024.
Late applications for IFAA: Once IFAA has had the audition process, and if there are any openings in a specific grade and major, we will access the late application and contact you for an audition time.

Some schools are Schools of Choice.
Students are selected for these schools either by lottery or audition.
The first step to access enrollment in these schools is to complete an application which is followed by either a lottery or an audition.
Only complete this form if you intend to apply to one of the lottery schools or Idaho Fine Arts Academy which is an audition school.
Please only submit one application per School of Choice. If you are applying to IFAA, you may choose a 1st and 2nd area of interest.

You can find more information on this process at Schools of Choice for more information.
To determine your boundary school, click this link: School Boundary Maps

Student Information
Legal Name from Birth Certificate
**Legal Name: **First: Middle: **Last:
**Date of Birth: MM/DD/YYYY
Preferred First Name:
**Previous School:
Enter NONE in all three boxes
if Kindergarten student
School Name:
**Grade Level: Grade Level 2024-2025
**Anticipated Start Date:
Current Special Programs IEP 504 ELL Speech Therapy Gifted and Talented
**Current Grade Level 2023-2024
**New to WestAda School District Choose NO if at any time, you submitted a preregistration form for your student to attend any WASD school, even if they did not attend.
**Resident of WASD
**WASD Boundary School Boundary Maps can be found by clicking here: School Boundary Maps
West Ada PowerSchool Student Number (Optional but helpful) This 10 digit number should starts with 200 or 201...
State of Idaho Student Number (Optional) This is a 9 digit number
Sibling Continuing at this SOC
Name of Sibling Currently Enrolled and Continuing at this SOC
Grade of Sibling Currently Enrolled and Continuing at this SOC
Child of WASD Employee: Employee's Name, Position & Site (ie: Jane Doe, teacher, CHS)
Only select if you chose RHS (25-26 11th Grade ONLY)
Only select if you chose Idaho Fine Arts
Only Select if you chose Idaho Fine Arts and would like to audition in 2 areas
Submitted On Time Application 23-24
Parent/Guardian Information
**First Name: **Last Name:
**Relationship to Student:
Other Students in Family: Check this box if other siblings in your family are active students at our schools
**Desired User Name: Desired User Name for PowerSchool Login
**Phone: 999-999-9999      Alternate Phone: 999-999-9999
**Zip Code:
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** Required Information